Certificate III in Carpentry

CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry

The Certificate III in Carpentry is a nationally recognised qualification in Australia that provides individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to work as a carpenter in the construction industry.

The qualification is designed to teach learners how to construct, install, and finish timber structures and components for residential and commercial buildings. Students will also learn how to read and interpret plans, calculate measurements, and use hand and power tools to complete carpentry tasks. The course covers a range of topics, including safety requirements, building codes and standards, and sustainability principles.

Course Duration:

3 Years

Course Requirements:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Have relevant work experience or completed Certificate II in Building and Construction Pre-apprenticeship (22338VIC)

Course Delivery:

The course can be studied through a combination of classroom-based learning and on-the-job training as part of an apprenticeship. The course is competency-based, meaning that Learners will be assessed on their ability to perform specific tasks and meet industry standards.

Units of Competency:

  • CPCCWHS2001 – Apply WHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry
  • CPCCOM1014 – Conduct workplace communication
  • CPCCOM1012 – Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry
  • CPCCOM1015 – Carry out measurements and calculations
  • CPCCCM2006 – Apply basic levelling procedures
  • CPCWHS3001 – Identify construction work hazards and select risk control strategies
  • CPCCOM3001 – Perform construction calculations to determine carpentry material requirements
  • CPCCCA3027 – Set up, operate and maintain indirect action powder-actuated power tools
  • CPCCCA3028 – Erect and dismantle formwork for footings and slabs on ground
  • CPCCCA3025 – Read and interpret plans, specifications and drawings for carpentry work
  • CPCCCA3005 – Construct ceiling frames
  • CPCCCA3003 – Install flooring systems
  • CPCCCA2002 – Use carpentry tools and equipment
  • CPCCCA3004 – Construct and erect wall frames
  • CPCCCA2011 – Handle carpentry materials
  • CPCCOM1013 – Plan and organise work
  • CPCCCA3002 – Carry out setting out
  • CPCCCM2002 – Carry out hand excavation
  • CPCCOM3006 – Carry out levelling operations
  • CPCCCO2013 – Carry out concreting to simple forms
  • CPCCCA3019 – Erect and dismantle formwork to suspended slabs, columns, beams and walls
  • CPCCCA3018 – Construct, erect and dismantle formwork for stairs and ramps
  • CPCCCM2008 – Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding
  • CPCCCM2012 – Work safely at heights
  • CPCCCM3001 – Operate elevated work platforms up to 11 metres
  • CPCCCA3006 – Erect roof trusses
  • CPCCCA3007 – Construct pitched roofs
  • CPCCCA3001 – Carry out general demolition of minor building structures
  • CPCCCA3010 – Install windows and doors
  • CPCCCA3008 – Construct eaves
  • CPCCCA3017 – Install exterior cladding
  • CPCCCA3012 – Frame and fit wet area fixtures
  • CPCCCA3024 – Install lining, panelling and moulding
  • CPCCCA3016 – Construct, assemble and install timber external stairs

Course Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Certificate III in Carpentry, graduates will have the skills and knowledge to work as a carpenter in the construction industry. Graduates may find employment in a range of settings, including residential construction, commercial construction, and renovations. Some potential job roles include:

  • Carpenter
  • Construction worker
  • Building contractor
  • Project manager


Overall, the Certificate III in Carpentry is an excellent course for individuals who are interested in a career in the construction industry and want to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to work as a carpenter.

Victorian Skills First Program

This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding.  Eligibility criteria applies.


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